Sunday, February 28, 2010

super senior

to my senior
i wish u the best 4 this year spm
thnks 4 all ur support and ur advice
dont worry my dear
ur secret will save with me
juz cross my heart
i feel happy after i found u and all of our frenz in facebook
if i have finish creating my song
u are the first one will heard that song
miss our childhood memories
i hope u will succeed in ur path to be a gynecology specialist
aka an obgyn
juz want to say love u my super senior


  1. ehem!!
    pt0t r asek tsedak je..
    thanx my super juni0r..
    aku p0n happy gak pas jmpe k0 blk..
    tringat k0 tyme kcik2 dlu..keh3..
    keep the secret tightly in ur heart 0k!!
    gud luck gak!!