Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Canon 50D

asal ramai sangat suke
Nikon ?
ni aq na cakap ni .
Nikon punye brand ta bagoz la .
aq lagi prefer Canon .
lebey tepat lagi CANON 50D .
tapi ,
bile aq mintak je kat mama je ,
mesty macam2 dy bebel kat aq .
so , aq kene kumpul wet sendiry untuk beli bende alah uw .
arap2 la dapat ek :D

this is CANON 50D advantage

  • 15MP vs 6.3
  • 3″ screen at VGA res, vs 1.8″
  • ISO up to 12800 vs 3200
  • Shoots in smaller RAW modes like sRaw1 and sRAW2
  • Buffer up to 16 RAW images for burst shooting vs 4.
  • Super fast Digic IV processor vs “who knows what” on the 300d which makes the shoot-write-shoot cycle so fast now.
  • Auto sensor cleaning. The sensor vibrates for a short perioud on startup or shutdown to remove dirt. Not a full clean but it can help.
  • Micro AF adjust so you can account for back and forward focussing lenses
  • Standard weather sealing, vs “point me at some water and I stop working

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